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CoolScenics® of Glendale, California announces a new line of decorative fluorescent light panels that are used to visually enrich, enliven and add new spirit to any room or office. Colorful images, in place of plain white flouroescent light panels can not only improve the appearance of a room or office but completely change it's atmosphere - bringing cool, colorful, soothing scenics into an otherwise plain interior ceiling light fixture.

Installation is quickly achieved by simply removing the existing light panel and replacing it with a CoolScenics® panel of choice.

The sky's the limit when it comes to images from which to choose. At our website, www.coolscenics.com, an increasing number of image categories include panels specially designed for ceiling installation. All images have been created with the unique perspective of viewing up at the world. In fact, customers will find many unique "one of a kind" images that will immediately draw attention and interest - no matter where they're located.

CoolScenics® may be found on the web at www.coolscenics.com or by calling, toll free, 1-888-790-2665.

Coolscenics.com is division of Digital Pre-Press Services, inc.